How long does the service life of the aromatherapy device last?

The service life generally depends on the way of using atomizer is used. Our company's atomizer has a service life of up to 8,000 hours.

Will it automatically power off when there is no water?

Yes, it will.

The difference between aromatherapy device and humidifier
a. The aromatherapy device is generally an adapter, and the humidifier is generally a USB.
b. essential oil can be add into an aromatherapy device, while humidifier can’t.
c.The aromatherapy device generates fine mist by vibrating the atomizing sheet, and the humidifier blows out the mist through a fan.
Can you provide free samples?

We serve old customer with free samples,but shipping cost is on old customer. New customers are required to pay for sample and shipping charges, and sample fees will be returned if you made bulk orders.

What’s the requirement for customizing packaging materials?

1000 sets of products and above.

Can the LOGO be customized for the sample?

Yes, but you need to pay for the customization fee, the custom fee can be returned if you made bulk orders.

Is electronic insect repellent harmful to human body?


How long does the electronic insect repellent work?

According to the different use environment, the effective period is also different. Generally, 1-4 weeks are obviously effective.

What is the effective range of the electronic insect repellent?

According to the different models and functions, the range of application is also different. Low power can reach more than ten square, high power can reach tens or even hundreds of square meters.

Where can an electronic insect repellent be used?

Room, living room, office, hospital, warehouse, hotel, warehouse, workshop, etc.

What pests can an electronic repellent drive away?

Rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, mites, silkworm moths, etc.

How do electronic repellents drive away pests?

The auditory system and nervous system of mice were stimulated by electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves, which made them feel uncomfortable and fled the scene.

Are free samples available?

Samples from old customers can be free of charge, but freight needs to be borne by the buyer. New customers need to pay the sample charge and shipping charge, but batch order can be free of charge.

How many quantities of packaging materials can be customized?

Above 1000 sets of products.

Can samples' logo be customized?

Yes, but you have to bear the customization fee. Mass reorders can refund the customization fee.