how to use the aroma diffuser or humidifier detailedly?

How to set the mist mode with the timer off? 

The oil diffuser will auto shut off when the water is not enough in order to protect it from being burnt out.


First press the power button: To start the continuous spray mode
Second press the power button: Switch to the intermittent spray mode
Third press the power button: Set to shut down automatically after one hour
Fourth press the power button: Set to shut down automatically after two hours
Last press the power button: Power off

How to adjust the romantic lights?


First press the light button: To start the fascinating colorful lights
Second press the light button: To choose a suitable light color and brightness
Third press the light button: To change the light color ( After selecting the favour light color, press again can increase the brightness)
Long press the light button: To turn off the light effects

Kindly notice:

The amount of the water added is need to lower than the maximum water level.
Please do not open the humidifier function without water. This diffuser also can be used as a LED Desktop Night Light.
If the water tank has water, don’t knock it down during the use in order to keep the water from leaking out.


Maintain Tips:
Please keep it dry and store it in a dry place if you don’t need to use it for some time.
Please make sure the water tank has the water in it before turning the diffuser on.
It is recommended to replace the water everyday to prevent the growth of the bacterial.\


Post time: Apr-29-2022