How to use the humidifier and aroma diffuser correctly?

The humidifiers and aroma diffusers of various models and prices on the market are uneven. When purchasing humidifiers and aroma diffusers, we should try to purchase products from formal manufacturers through official channels and check whether there is quality inspection certificate.


During the use of the humidifier, pay attention to the safety of water, be sure to change the water frequently, and clean the humidifier regularly. Clean with clean water, and do not add chemical products such as disinfectant and bactericide.

Do not add tap water to the humidifier. It is better to add boiled water or purified water, because tap water contains minerals, microorganisms, and bleaching powder.


Minerals may damage the evaporation device in the humidifier, while the bleaching powder in the tap water may fall to every corner of the home with the evaporation of water, leaving the furniture covered with “white powder”.

With the evaporation of water, the air around the humidifier or aroma diffuser is relatively humid, so do not place the humidifier next to the TV and other household appliances to avoid damage from moisture.


Humidifier is different from aromatherapy machine. It is strictly prohibited to add any additives in the water tank. Many people like to use some “folk remedies”, such as adding white vinegar to the humidifier to prevent colds, and adding anti-virus oral liquid to enhance immunity. Such “folk remedies” or “small tricks” can be taken with confidence. They will not prevent respiratory diseases, but will probably induce various respiratory diseases and shorten the service life of the humidifier, because they are not corrosion resistant.



Although the room is relatively dry in winter, you can’t rely too much on the humidifier or aroma diffusers. The correct way is to equip a hygrometer at home, and decide whether to open the humidifier or aroma diffuser according to the indoor humidity to keep the indoor humidity within a certain range.

Post time: Dec-02-2022