When there is no mist comes from the humidifer, what shall we do?

When there is no mist comes from the humidifer, what shall we do?



When the weather is dry, people will use humidifiers to relieve a little. Especially when using air conditioning the indoor humidity is very low. It is also bad for their skin. But during the use of humidifiers, many people may encounter no mist comes out from the humidifier. Why the mist does not come out from the humidifier? What shall we do then?


Follow me to see the reasons and solutions!


1, Humidifier atomizer is malfunction.

2, If the humidifier does not present a spray, no air, the main reason is not to keep the humidifier for cleaning maintenance. Generally speaking, it’s better to clean the humidifier once a week or so.

3, Ithere is wind without fog, it’s may be caused by long time using tap water. The lingering of water dirt caused water alkali. The water alkali blocked in vibrator. So it can’t work properly. Therefore mist is reduced or no mist come out.

4, Usually there are two conditions for humidifier operation: ceramic oscillator oscillation and send our mist. After that electronic fan keeps rolling to send out the mist. If the humidifier can work but no mist, it may be due to electric fan is broken down. Solution: too long time no use to cause the electric fan stuck. Try to add some lubricant oil. To make the electric fan from rolling.



Second, the solutions for no mist

1, Solution: the use of household white vinegar with some salt. It can be useful to dissolve the water alkali. Then the fog gradually will spray out. Note that do not use strong acid. Its not conducive to maintenance, and there are safety risks.

2, problem in humidifier atomizer .

Solution: open the bottom cover first check the fuse (stabilizer) is broken or not. If its good stabilizer try to adjust the potentiometer on the circuit board. Try turn clockwise a quarter. If there is still no spraying, the atomizer should be replaced.


3, know the misconceptions. Nowadays dry humidifier: ultrasonic humidifier and purification type humidifier. Ultrasonic type humidifier works through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, the water is atomized into 1-5 micron ultra-particles. And then is sprayed by wind-driven equipment. Evenly dispersed into the air, and then reach the role of humidification. This type of humidifier is sprayed with water mist.

Post time: Apr-08-2022